Kubanischer Zigarrentabak – gute Ernte 2011

Gemäss Jahreszyklus des Tabaks hat in Kuba die Erntezeit begonnen. Bernama.com schreibt von guten Aussichten in Pinar del Río, der Anbrauregion mit den besten kubanischen Tabaken:

“PINAR DEL RIO, CUBA, Dec 23 (BERNAMA-NNN- PRENSA LATINA) – Farmers in Cuba’s western province are stepping up tobacco planting for a larger crop next year. The region has an international reputation for the excellence of its tobacco and it contributes over 50 percent of the domestic production of the leafs for use in making internationally famous Cuban cigars. (…) During the current planting season the farmers of the province (140 km west of Havana) expect to plant 17,000 hectares more than in previous years. (…) The experience and stability of the labour force in the province are prerequisites for achieving high levels of quality, said Cruz.”

(Bildquelle: 5TH Avenue / Intertabak)

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