Steigende Zigarren-Importzahlen

Nach den positiven Meldungen von Villiger Söhne AG (“Villiger erwartet Rekordabsatz von einer Milliarde Glimmstängel“, Tages Anzeiger) kommen auch aus den USA branchenfreundliche Zahlen. schreibt im Beitrag “Imports Continue Steady“:

“Despite all the reasons for concern, premium-cigar imports into the United States showed surprising strength in May, actually showing an increase over the same month in 2009 and 2008.

The import figures compiled by the Cigar Association of America from U.S. Customs data showed that 22.2 million premium cigars entered the country during May, 1.8% better than in 2009 and 4.5% better than 2008, generally considered a good year for imports.”